City of Jamestown

Online Assessment Roll System

Instructions on Using the OARS System

Searching for Your Property

To search for a property use one of the four options available on the main search page. Click the submit button next to the option you are using to perform the search

Street Address – Enter the street address without the city or zip code. You can use abbreviations for the type of street. Click Submit
Example: 123 Main St

Street Finder – Use the drop down list to view a list of streets available in your municipality. Select the correct street for the property you a searching for. Click Submit

Enter SBL – Enter all or part of the SBL# for the property you are searching for. Click Submit. If you only enter a partial SBL# all relevant results will be shown

Owner Name – Enter all or part of an owner’s name into the field. Click Submit. If you enter part of a name or just one name all relevant first and last names will be displayed


Using the Advanced Search Options

Use any combination of fields on the advanced search options page to return results based on your input

You can choose to search "all streets" in the municipality or select a specific street to search

You can select "all house styles" or select a specific house style to limit the results of your search to only that specific style

The square footage options allows your to enter a lower limit, an upper limit, or both to limit the results of your search

The sales age date field will allow you to return results with a valid sale going back a certain number of months (example 12 would return results with a valid sale within the last 12 months of the current date)


Using the Mapping Feature

Both the Bird's Eye View from Bing and Streetview from Google are available for your mapping options. Results are limited to the data collected by Microsoft and Google

Clicking on a mapping feature will launch you to the most relevant data available in the specific option you choose


Looking For Comparable Sales

Comparable sales option allows you to search for sales in your assessor designated neighborhood, the results returned will be based on information provided by your assessor. The results that you see are for valid sales only for the last 24 months

The properties located on the comparison results page closest to your property will be the "most comparable" to your selected property

There may be multiple pages of results. You can select specific properties by using the check button located at the bottom of each property column. Use this to consolidate only the selected properties. You can print a comparables sales report using these consolidated results. A maximum of 5 comparable properties can be list on this report


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